Until things really get up and running, please email me at simone@Pen15Club.org to order your subscription. Once you email me,  I will send you a basic questionnaire to fill out, so that I can tailor your pens to fit your needs. Below are subscription options! Payment is through PayPal, Venmo, or Square.

Try It Out

The "Try It Out" option allows you to just get one pen, for one month. After answering a few questions, you will be sent one pen. If you like it, that's awesome, sign up for more pens! $5.00

Three Months

The three month option rules. (All of the options rule). This is great for the end of the year, or if you just need a few good pens to get your pen game in gear.  $10.00

The six month option is a great way to get yourself (or someone else!) familiar with your best writing options. Finding a good pen can be hard. In 6 months, I can help you find your perfect pen for all of your needs. $20.00

Six Months

One year of good pens. Wow, this is legit. In one year you will have the very best pens for your needs, and you will definitely have a few all stars. You might even have your forever pen! This option gets you three bonus pens, for a total of fifteen pens! $30.00